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   Additional Treatments              

eyebrow tent.jpg

Brow Tint                                   $20

This gentle vegetable-based tint is perfect for sensitive eyes, bringing out your best features. (Lasts 3-4 weeks)

lash tint2.jpg

Lash Tint                                       $30

Dark eyelashes can make your eyes look super pretty and sexy. They make the whites of your eyes look whiter, which is a symbol of youth. Lash tinting is the quickest way to get darker lashes without the mess or fuss of mascara.

lash lift.jpg

Lash Lift & Tint                                $75

Lash lifts (also called lash perms) replace the need for an eyelash curler altogether by shaping and curling your lashes to offer semi-permanent hold.

ear candling_edited.jpg

Ear Candling                              $55

A safe and gentle method of cleansing the ear canal. It can help remove the debris and blockage from old infections.

                      (5 candles are provided)

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