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QMS Medicosmetics

QMS Medicosmetics is a medical-grade brand developed by physicians for the professional field, not for conventional skincare. The brand stands for clinically proven, high-performance skincare with 97% skin-identical collagens. 

Our award-winning skincare system eliminates the causes of skin aging as well as deficiencies and gets your skin in top shape, regardless of skin condition, skin color and gender.

This makes the difference as we aim to address the causes of skin aging, not just the symptoms. This is why we focus on the most valuable anti-aging ingredients, skin-identical collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Both active ingredients are produced by the human body, but with increasing age they are no longer produced sufficiently to stimulate skin renewal.

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Deep Pore Cleanse 60mins               $200

Provides an intense cleansing and refining treatment to the skin through the combination of deep pore purification with a highly effective fruit acid and enzymes peel to create the ideal base for a soothing/moisturizing mask. Leaves skin healthy, balanced and hydrated.

QMS photo with gauge 6.jpg

Collagen Renewal 90mins            $275 

(With Collagen Eye Pads) Restores and revitalizes the complexion while it delivering an important boost to the moisture levels using pioneering wellbeing treatment masks and QMS signature 70% natural soluble collagens. Skin is firmer, with more volume, fine lines reduced, and texture is improved.

QMS photo with foil 7.jpg

SK-ALPHA Revital 90mins          $275   

Detoxifies the skin and focuses on stimulating the microcirculation using a unique thermal–active revitalizing

mask, this results in an instant boost to the complexion. Skin

is left with visibly smoother, and the radiance is restored.

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 Neo Tissudermie  90mins          $300   

Strengthens and regenerates the skin with a focus on the areas that are prone to loss of elasticity as skin ages. Delivers a lifting and tightening massage in combination with a collagen-boosting treatment to help improve the tonicity of the jaw lines, cheeks, and eyebrows.

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Purifying For Men 60 mins              $150

Refines pores, eliminates impurities, and hydrates the skin with
its combination of advanced products and circulation boosting techniques.

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