Facial Treatments

LED Light Treatment

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MAX Stem Cell Treatment

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Plant stem cells in skin care are among the latest breakthroughs, with encouraging potential to help address common concerns associated with aging skin. Plant stem cells are a very exciting development in skin care and unlike human stem cells, there is no ethical or legal argument against using them in cosmetics. Can plant stem cells from fruits, flowers and other vegetation help you achieve a beautifully youthful complexion?What's this item about? What makes it interesting? I uses 12 different products ... included a peel off mask.

02Lift Oxygen Facial Treatment


Oxygen has many benefits. It brightens the skin, speeds up healing and circulation, fights toxins, provides deep hydration and stimulates collagen production. It counteracts the free radicals and impurities that damage our skin over time causing fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.

Acne Treatment


This treatment aides to preventing infection, de-clogged pores, retarding bacterial growth with deep pores cleansing, exfoliation, vapor steaming, extraction of blackheads, whiteheads if required.

Cupping Facial Treatment


This gentle, but effective treatment will make you look radiant and feel youthful. I use a light suction technique that tones your facial muscles and reduces eye puffiness. By improving the blood circulation to your facial muscles it can literally give you a face-lift. For those looking for the all-natural alternative to surgical face-lift or laser and chemical treatments this will turn back the hands of time.

Skin Smooth Treatment


Skin Smoothing is effective for skin resurfacing and the use of exfoliation procedure is used to remove the micro-thin top outer layer of dead epidermal skin cell and fine villus hair (peach fuzz). This is a safe removal of facial hair without the waxing. Your skin will feels so smooth.

40% Gycolic Chemical Peel


An intensive treatment that is deigned to rapidly exfoliate the epidermal cells. This chemical solution is applied to the skin, which causes it to shed and eventually peel. New, regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

Bacial (Back Facial)


This relaxing back facial treatment includes a sugar body scrub, exfoliation, masque, extractions, and a pleasurable back massage with feet massage also. This is especially beneficial to those who suffer from blackheads or back acne.

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